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31/05/2017: Finally, Crawlers Adventure RPG Update 0.0013 is available at Google Playstore.

to the product information…

Now you have the opportunity to gain new gold and experience every day. I also removed the annoying banner advertising. Also in this version I was able to implement the wishes of some users. A big thanks to all of you who share your ideas with me.

New in Game:

  • we’ve removed the annoying banner ads
  • improved radar with various settings
  • different graphic effects with time-controlled loots
  • we improved the plant structure and positioning
  • the magic gift gives you daily experience and gold
  • leaves that lie on the ground move when you enter them
  • new bank packages and messages are now shown on the corresponding buttons
  • active quests can now be limited to a time


  • first time settings
  • get quest first-time routine
  • plant positioning
  • enemy falling