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01/05/2017: Crawlers Adventure RPG Update 0.0012 | Google Playstore.

to the product information…

I updated the Crawlers Adventure RPG App for our Google users at the Playstore. I have built new features for you in the crawlers. Also some commercial proposals I could already implement. You can also look forward to two new player characters.

New in Game:

  • two new insects (scorpion & mantis)
  • improved controller for your insects
  • new action camera controller for a better overview
  • change your view (first & third person) in the game screen
  • new settings in the game settings (action camera and language)
  • there are new and more complex plants for climbing
  • two additional save games (now total 6)
  • more additional queries for important actions
  • in the community you can now navigate through the statistics and the guild selection