Plants & Flowers Weed Version

Plants & Flowers Weed Version

A simulator game about forbidden plants

Plants & Flowers is the first realtime 3D weed plant simulator – including a full range 3D camera system and a complete interactive informationsystem.

Every plant will be unique. Plants & Flowers additionally includes a 3D realtime plant creation math and real modeled physics.  

Check the giant ingame store to purchase countless items necessary for you to become a professional grower.

Use many different devices to obtain the optimum result out of your plant care. Choose between different pots, soils, seeds, lamps, irrigations, fans, humidifiers, supplys, protectors, fertilizers, boosters and many more tools. Automate your processes and save your work by automatic watering systems and timers.

Become the best weed farmer in the world of Plants & Flowers and raise your level by growing experience and loads of weed.

Choose different cannabis plant types, strains like indica or sativa and learn more about these by growing and flowering plants. Temperature, water, light intensity, light type, wind, fertilization, humidity in addition to many more values influence the plant growth. However, if you want really rich cannabis plants with nice fat buds, use meters for monitoring the realistic data and the various stages. Your plants can get sick and infect, so take good care of your little cannabis plantage.

Harvest your weed and dry it for a better substanceshare. Sell it and get money, but dont forget to test your crop.

Are you broke? Gamble for Money and a faster game process!

Expand your plantation and magnify your breeding not only in one game. Three savefiles are waiting for you – We’ll provide you with more than a chance to customize your game. Create three completely differentiated savegames for an infinite pleasure.

All these functions contained in this cannabis plant simulator are – FREE.

For each update, there will be many new plants, species and devices that are already waiting for you.

Our Customer Promise: We never log your data and guarantee small data sizes of our mobile products!

Take your plant care and become one of the best cannabis growers.

To improve our product, please contact our team about your experiences.