Plants & Flowers Garden Company

Simulation and strategy, a game about plants and planting for the whole family.

Build an own garden empire, grow various plants and sell them at a profit. Game online with thousands of players to become the best gardener in the world of Plants & Flowers.

There are many strategic games but Plants & Flowers is not only a conventional plants game but a realistic plant simulation in real time, with a realistic simulated physical environment and a unique mathematical 3D plant system. The plants grow in this garden game like in real life. Growth varies depending on the circumstances of the weather or your growing environment. They can become sick and even infect other plants in the greenhouse, bring greater or lesser income.

Whether houseplants, garden plants, wild plants or crop anything is possible, and everything grows in your own small vegetable farm. Flowers, mushrooms, vegetables, grasses, what would you like to grow? The standing at your disposal seeds, tools and other equipment of the simulation to be extended with every update for you. Meet always aware of new ways to improve your performance.

Care your plants well and always stay that your plants have enough water, nutrients, humidity, wind, light and much more. Your plants show you when it goes bad them. Various devices, booster and much more can you help your goals to achieve faster and more profitable. Check out the huge store and you will find everything a gardeners heart desires. Pots, soil, fertilizer, lamps, fans, irrigation, displays and much more await you.

If your plants are large enough, sell them in the game or give to your loved ones, friends or acquaintances to increase your money, your experience and your skills. The higher your skill, the higher are your earnings and profits.

Plants & Flowers is not only a complex and very realistic plant simulation or a type of plant Tamagotchi, but a diverse, varied and ever-expanding game world where you can experience a lot and always something new to learn and discover.

Increase your empire, build new glasshouses or buy whole gardens, install new equipment and increase your income. Become a garden giant among giants in the world of Plants & Flowers. Your strategy decides on profits and losses.

With the help of three separate save games in this simulator game you can create various empires and thus also get multiple placements in our world ranking. Join a guild or founding your own guild to actively exchange with other players. Compare your performance with other players in the world rankings of the strategic plant simulation.

Are you are bankrupt or not come on, that’s no problem! Game experience, luck and money, test your knowledge and your skills, with entertaining games in the casino. Or go Just to the bank to exchange between the various in-game currency or redeem your purse.

Using the integrated 3D camera system you can see in every corner of your rooms and find the best settings for your pictures. Take a picture and share the image of your game with other app’s on your Android device, show your friends the progress of your garden empire.

The interactive information system responds to the current conditions in your game and help you in optimizing your performance and yield.

Plants & Flowers is free for all Android users. Visit now the World of Plants & Flowers, we are looking forward to you.