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Crawlers Adventure RPG

Play Insects in a fascinating 3D world

Crawler Adventures RPG – The insect game for all ages.

It is already a fascinating world, the world of insects. Such small animals can accomplish such great things. What does it all happen under our feet? Fight insects and conquer the meadow as a tick, ant, spider or fly. Use the unique abilities and skills of the insects and help the butterflies solve tasks. Climbing, flying, transporting things or dipping, spinning threads and other skills will help you.

Infinite possibilities in infinite worlds.

The whole world of crawlers, all the objects you see and find, all plants and collecting objects are generated, infinite and unique to each player. With luck, you’ll find the most ingenious weapons, abilities, protection, and a variety of items that will help you develop and become more and more powerful. Also the weather, year and day change every day and if you are unlucky, you have to swim.

Full 3D – Unique insights and positions.

The 360 ​​° camera and the 3D controller offer you fantastic insights into the world of small crawlers. You can climb on plants and stones, find hidden caves, conquer ants and much more.

Are you reluctant to play alone?

If you are a swarm or base your own swarm, exchange with other players, send them money and help them with their adventures with your experience.

Action, Adventure & more.

Only RPG is too little for us! Crawler Adventures is an RPG, an adventure, a skill game and a jump & run in one. You can play, fight, photograph, shop or experience adventure with a variety of butterflies. Fight against countless beetles, spiders, bees, mosquitoes and many other insects that make your life difficult.

GEO-Cashing times differently.

If you are victorious, or you find a special butterfly, a special GEO gift will be generated for other players in your real environment. You can also search for gifts from others, take your friends, activate your GPS and continue in the real world. You can also use the GPS signal to control your crawler and increase your wealth.