The World of Crawlers

The Crawlers Series, a small world with giant heroes. An endless, generated world with infinitely many different and unique objects, plants, decorations, enemies, friends and tasks. Play one of four insects with unique abilities.
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free insect game
The insect game for the whole family.

Crawlers Adventure RPG

Do you sometimes want to be a small insect, and you can go through the great world? With the insect game you can fulfill the wish. Experience your adventures as one of six insects with all the abilities insects can have. Play into a completely realistic and endlessly generated world.
  • gaming in an endless, generated world
  • unique items, decorations, plants enemys, friends and quests
  • four insects with different abilitys available
  • GPS Control and GEO Gifts – Fun in the real world
  • find hidden places, special shops, trainer, other games and much more
  • found or join a swarm, write messages & send gold
  • full 3D- camera system
  • full 3D- player movement
  • four different savegames available
  • Multilanguage (DE/EN)
  • performance choice for low-power devices