Special Game Technologies

For our games, we have developed special functions and system to meet the complex and professional requirements that we place on our developments.

2D Generation Systems

We generate and modify 2D textures and images, geometric structures and complex shapes.

3D Generation Systems

We generate plants with a complex mathematical system in 3D and in real time. Our plants are growing according to realistic physical and biological conditions.

But we are not only creating plants, but also infinite terrains, geometric bodies, and various complex three-dimensional objects on a mathematical level. In this way, we can use an infinite number of objects in the games without changing the actual size of the app.

Enemy & NPC

We breathe life and intelligence into our enemies and NPC’s. For this reason, we developed a special insect AI especially for the crab series. The insects have different kinds of behavior from fearful, courageous, and curious, to nagging and aggressive.

The 3D camera allows you to experience every perspective of your game as you want it.

Dive, swim, fly, run completely in 3D with our 3D game controller. Our players can experience your world everywhere and in all positions.

Our quest system generates the questions and answers as well as the action. There is quest where you need to find items. These lie around, but can also be dropped by enemies. There are also tasks where you have to visit places (in different sequences) or kill different enemies. All tasks can also be limited to times.

We generate a large part of the names and the texts in the games to be able to offer as many possibilities as possible of the text combination.

We designed a fast and flexible inventory system to handle the complex requirements of our players‘ objects.

Our GPS controller controls your character according to your real movements. Like in a fitness suit, he counts the steps for you and tells you where you are. In the Crawlers Adventure game, you can drop GPS gifts near you that others can search for.

We use our specially developed API for data exchange between the players. In this way, we can better protect our customers‘ data. We do not log personal or otherwise data for the analysis of our customers. We only use the possibilities within the community of games to send messages and objects, position items and to illustrate the world ranking lists.