Who or what is RaNG?

As (RaNG) are two person, a product developer and a graphic artist, who share similar interests and combine different strengths with each other. In the beautiful city of Berlin, we are developing new and innovative game ideas for all platforms, we breathe with much help from friends and life. We develop games with high structural complexity, addicting gameplay and integrated future technologies who dedicate themselves to themes reality and nature. Our games have background and often own scientific result.

What we want to achieve?

Like any company, we want Marktfüherer, in this case for complex games with regard to the reality and nature werden. For that aim we need you, because only with your help we can achieve something big.

What is behind the plants and flowers series?

Plants & Flowers is a complex plant simulation in real-time. The 3D plant models we construct completely mathematically accomodation and save in this way not only resources but also to offer an endless variety of plants and plant species. Also the growth of plants found to reality instead modeled algorithm that is unique. Plants & Flowers is not only a simulation, but a small marvel of mathematics.

Who are the creators?

Frank Schepper and Pascal Barginda are the creators of rank. While Frank programming, architecture and texts of the Games takes, Pascal him actively supported with pictures , tests and especially the elaborate search. So we complement both perfect. This symbiosis is the basis of rank.

Where we travel?

We do not just simulation games and strategy games develop, but also Jump & Run, RPG and card games . This naturally takes time, but already in 2016 we will surprise you with new games series and exciting updates, promise!

And why the whole?

The fun of the product and its development may in us missing ever.

We are pleased about every constructive suggestion from you. Write us with any questions or suggestions and we will certainly contact you.
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Frank Schepper – Founder/Developer